Minister Bennett, Friends don’t Flood their Friends Lands

Sayin’ it like it is.

Reclaim the Warrior

There’s always a lot to say regarding Site C, and then there’s more to say…And then you say it all over again because people aren’t listening. I am currently trying to take a break from being an “accidental activist” (I see it more as an Indigenous woman doing what she is supposed to do) so that I can focus on adjusting to school for my Master’s program and focusing on my role as a mom and worker in the community. It is funny because even in whatever break I manage, my thesis will revolve around Hydro projects and resource extraction. It has become a part of my life and it has become so because there is too much to lose… I digress.

So I was sitting there reading an article today and right below where the Assembly of First Nations talked about Site C and its violation of Indigenous rights…

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