Questions continue on the North Slope failures at Site C – and why no one else seems to be asking any questions.

“We need an independent review now. The review that was never done, needs to be done because there is so much evidence Hydro has grossly gone astray.”

No Strings Attached: Laila Yuile on people, politics and life in B.C.

Never fear I will be back to this blog about the second week of September and fall promises to be a good one with new stories, a new podcast and the updated version of 1oo + reasons the Liberals need to go…

But for now, an update on the North Slope failure and ongoing issues at Site C I first reported here:

I can’t stress how important it is to read the post linked to immediately above.

If you missed it, July’s heavy rains to the region in a series of storms, played havoc on the north slope of Site C construction, an area already known to have challenging geological factors with soil and clay. The entire area is prone to slides and many have been documented on the slopes of the WAC Bennett dam reservoir, along with other slides of more questionable nature.

Ironically, the exact nature…

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